The NetworkPacket Class (Ep 2)

Before we get to the actual coding I'll explain a bit about why we will need this class. As you've probably guessed from the name it will deal with network packets. However, these are not the actual bit packets that are sent by the TCP layer but a self-contained data packet from the perspective of … Continue reading The NetworkPacket Class (Ep 2)

The ByteBuffer Class (Ep 1)

This class will be used to read an array of bytes from the socket and then provide use easy methods for extracting the information from said array into more easily workable data types such as int, float, string, etc. Besides reading this class will also allow us to write data to an array of bytes. … Continue reading The ByteBuffer Class (Ep 1)

Let’s get started (Ep 0)

As I mentioned before this will be a tutorial series targeted at somewhat knowledgable C# developers about building a TCP server/client setup. I will go over all the bits and bobs I've built for my solution and how it all works together to provide a reliable TCP networking layer that's completely and easily customizable by … Continue reading Let’s get started (Ep 0)