Kilnir – Networking (Update)

It’s been about two weeks since I posted the first part and there’s still no part 2. Unfortunately this will have to wait a bit as I’ve started rewriting huge chunks of it. On top of this I’d like to try a tutorial style series moving forward so it will be at least a few more days before I can get started with that.

The tutorial series will cover setting up a TCP server/client setup and all the helper classes I’ve developed and built into DLLs. It will be in C# and target an intermediate level developer that is familiar with the basics of development, procedural and object oriented, plus some more advanced stuff such as Sockets, Async and Multi-Threading.
The end result should be two different VisualStudio projects (one for the server and the other for the client) plus a third related project for the auxiliary classes. It will not cover integrating it with Unity or WinForms applications but if you are able to follow along that should be easy enough to do on your own afterwards.

At least that’s the plan and scope of it at the moment. If this goes well I might extend the series to cover next steps or other related topics. There is also a small chance I will be setting this up as a YouTube series with videos to accompany it showing you in realtime how the code gets developed instead of lengthy written posts, or both.

The video part depends however on finding a space to record in so that I am not bothered and/or interrupted during the process.

As a full disclaimer I’d like to say this: I am by no means an experienced C# developer but I think that my solution is robust enough and sufficiently well written that it can, if not be used in production by other people, at least provide a starting point or overview about how to approach the problem.