Kilnir – Humble beginnings

I started this project about a half and a year ago. At the time all I planed to do was an 3D Asteroids clone with multiplayer, somewhat between Asteroids and Chicken Invader in style. Since then it sort of devolved into a MMO-ish, space exploration, procedurally generated mess. At the moment, I’m doing my best to make something playable from the vortex of ideas ravaging damage on my sleep cycle.
I do have a lot of the game figured out, on paper, but it turns out making the thing is a lot more complicated than just drawing app flows and ideas on paper. On top of that, a lot of great “paper ideas” turn to unplayable games once built.

When I started this I didn’t have any experience or knowledge of any of the things I need to use but over the past year and a half I’ve learned a lot, mostly from YouTube tutorials, best things from books on the matter. Then there’s certain tricks of the trade that are a lot harder to come by. The purpose of this series is to keep a log of the problems I face, the solution I chose and the iteration process over said solution. If someone else stumbles upon this and finds it usefull then that’s great.

Disclaimer: I know nothing

Don’t take the posts in this series as a source of best way to solve things. It’s just the way I decided to do them based on my knowledge of C#, Unity and computer science. I do have a lot of experience (closing in on 8 years) as a web developer but in the world of game developement I’ve come to the realisation that that doesn’t mean much.